v.3 Update is here!!

Hey there, this is M. - co-dev of Tsundere Studio.
If you're new to our games, now is a great time to pick this game up and give it a try with the newest update!
Today, I've updated the game with things like-

  •  A brand spankin' new UI
  • A new logo
  • Minor typo fixes
  • Animation updates
  • File Size optimizations
  • Added the French Translation by Apolline
  • and some other stuff I can't remember right now

While this update doesn't add anything brand new content wise, we're still planning on expanding on Beatrix and Lily's story in the future. Maybe a sequel? But that's for another time, for now we're still working on our other current projects.

We do a lot more updates weekly on our discord server, and you'll be able to find more about our other games we're working on at the Tsundere Studio discord server, and twitter!

See you there!

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