I Opened A Patreon Account!

Hi there! It’s been a while since “I want to Pursue the Mean Side Character coming out!” and it’s been amazing how many people have enjoyed the game and been wanting more content! As you guys know I’ve been working hard on my next game “My Sweet Zombie!,” I’m very excited for you guys to play it as there have been all kinds of stuff I’ve been implementing and doing with this! And it’s been coming along nicely! However, even though I enjoy making it, it’s been tough working on it and also doing my other job as well. So it would be wonderful if you guys could help support me make more games! I admit this is my first time doing a Patreon account, but I will of course work hard and open to feedback on what I could do to improve on what kind of content I could give you guys! Thank you guys again for enjoying my works, and I hope you enjoy many more! 


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