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Hi! I've been trying to play the game, but on Windows it keeps getting classified as malware and won't let me run it--I've been trying to find a fix, but haven't been able to so far... would you happen to know of a solution I'm missing? Thanks, and looking forward (hopefully) to playing your game!

so usually this is something you have to do with your computer, I know that sometimes when I play a game it won’t let me play because it doesn’t see it as a trusted source.Can you show me what issues you’re having please? Like what’s showing up?

Ended up figuring it out! I got tripped up because antivirus kept deleting the .exe file before I could do anything. Apparently it's fixed if you go to the security popup, under actions hit 'allow', delete the game folder and then unzip it again.

nicki and mackenzie from dork diaries wish they were this cute 

ive never read those books but I take this as a compliment! 

one thing i need to know before playing. is it gay?

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For some reason I cant download the Windows version of the game ? Is the link broken ?

Hm, I'm not sure why it's doing that. I just checked and it seems like ti will let me download fine. Is it like a error? Or is it just not allowing you to click the download link?

It just gave a blank page for some reason, might be my AV that's blocking it if it happens to direct to an .exe file to be honest.

I tried the MAC and Linux version and those downloaded just fine.

Weird... I'm gonna check on this and try and re-upload the files. Might mean no download links for a bit because Itch is having DL issues I think

I tried re-uploading! Please tell me if it works!

That might be related or not, but the .exe file of the window versions gets blocked as infected by the Tiggre!rfn trojan by the default win 10 defender. Would not know how to fix that myself, though.

HELLO i ABSOLUTELY adore this game! it did everything right. ive always liked stories where the mc goes for The Oh So Evil Side Character over the love interests and this just made me sob (in a good way!!) beatrix and lily are adorable and i love them a lot. thank you developing such a cute game and i look forward to any future works!

Thank you!!! I'll do my best to make my next work just as adorable!

This hit every right note with me, my only complaint is that it's too short! I love mangas that explore the villainesses life in otome games as well as give them sympathy so you could imagine my joy when I found this! In the short time that I knew Beatrix I already found love and adoration for her. Her design is incredibly appealing and her character is wonderful, she looks like a villainess yet also retains this sense of misunderstood softness. Lily felt like a total  projection of myself in that scenario lol! I can't express how much I enjoyed this, fantastic work and such a wonderful find!

Haha, I joke too about how Lily is a self insert! And I totally agree! I wish there were more mangas that explored more about the villainess other than (she was bad)!

This game is so cute!!! I art style is adorable and Lilly and Beatrix are really sweet and funny!!

Thank you!!! 

Such a good game - funniest concept LOL

And thank you for the funny video!

This is the best thing ever. I love it.

;v; Thank you!!! This comment made my day!

UGH about time someone made this. I absolutely love it. It throws SO much shade towards the common otome game of peasant chasing prince and other royalty. It feels so good to have someone outright just bash the antagonist/villainess's cheating asshole scumbag hubby. (Excuse my language.) Also not to forget the great art style and character design as well. Chef's kiss on this one. 

AHHHHH Thank you so much!!! And yes, I've always wanted someone to call out on the main love interest! It was my favorite scene to write, and I'm hoping I can make another game calling out more otome game tropes that make me angry!

Just to be sure is this all about Girls's life ?

Did you mean Girl’s love? Then yes! It’s a very short kinetic novel about two girls who fall in love! It’s a little rough though I admit as this was my first game, but I hope you enjoy! 

* Mild spoiler warning! *

Very cute game! I loved all the references to otome game clichés, they were all very clever. Also, I absolutely hate possessive LIs that get to do whatever they want with the MC, so there was a certain scene that was just really cathartic for me. ✿

I really liked how Lily's hairstyle is the classic straight brown with bangs, and the part about her having been recently adopted by a baron! Everything was nice and neat, with her going to the academy even though she used to be a commoner, and being approached by all the male LIs.

And of course, the twist is great, with her having a big ol' crush on the female side character that everyone is supposed to dislike! <3 I love Lily's flirty and confident energy - she is just like the type of MC that I always wish I could play as!

Lastly, the art is beautiful! I especially like Beatrix's character design, and Lily's expressions are so good. (Especially the heart-eyes one!)

This game was short but very well-done, and I had a really great time playing it. Thank you for the experience, and best of luck on your next project! <3

(Please ignore the two deleted comments below, that was just me being very indecisive! ^^;)

Wow!!! Such kind words ; v ; Thank you so much!!! I’m glad you enjoyed many things in the game, I worked hard on it and I hope you enjoy the next one! Unfortunately, the next one may not be as comedic as this one was, but I still hope you enjoy the story I tell! 

there were a few typos but this was overall a cute little story! 

Thank you! And yeah I realized it! I’m gonna have to get a proper proofreader for my next game... which I hope you play as well! This one will actually be more game like!

I'll definitely be happy to play your next game!

Found a single typo four three lines after the fiancee shows up, other then that everything was great.

thank you! And yeah I should go through the game again some time to go through all the typos...

Hells yeah lesbian time

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hells yeah! (Though a note, Lily is Bisexual, and Beatrix is demi) but hell’s yeah!

Oh sorry

Hell yeah gay rights time.

Hell yeah!

what an adorable story

Thank you! I’ll keep up with the adorableness! 

this game added 5 years to my life

it cut 5 years from mine lol

Good job on making this game. I was just wondering if this game is inspired by the "I favor the villainess" Web Novel? The premise is kinda similar and the character design of Beatrix is pretty similar to the Villainess/Mean Character from I favor the Villainess.

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It actually wasn’t! I made these two before I knew about the web novel, which originally started with a dumb art I felt like making about a lack of heroine x villainess Isekai.
Then people started telling me about the web novel which did make me happy! Though I thought it still be fun to create a game with these two as they were still dear in my heart and I wanted to properly try and learn ren’py. And honestly, Beatriz design and the other villainess design being similar is not surprising as I did based off Beatrix design from other haughty villainess like characters, though she was mostly inspired by my wife Mirabelle from Fire Emblem Awakening. 

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Yay, such a fun story! I liked the narration style, it did a great job at getting the player to understand the protagonist. And the art style/quality was super consistent!

Haha thanks! I tried my best to make sure the art stays consistent as thats a pet peeve of mine in some games as well, when the characters look different depending on the pose. And I’m glad you liked the story! I admit I’m not much of a writer so it feels good to hear when someone likes my narration style! 

Hey, this was pretty cute. I like the choice of protagonist over using the "protagonist" since it's nice seeing the isekai archetype from the outside. Good luck with your next project!

Thank you! I’ll do my best! And yeah I thought it be funny to write the POV from an outside character’s perspective instead of the person being isekaied. Originally, I was gonna do Lily, but decided against it as I felt with Lily it would be a more serious story in tone as she did like you know... Die and found herself in a new world. So I felt like in order to preserve the light heartedness, Beatrix perspective was best being told. 

So cute! This was such a refreshing little novel! One can only hope that after death they will meet someone as cute as Beatrix... <3

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*Spoiler and Trigger Warning: Mention of Death*

For Lily (Yuri in her previous life), meeting Beatrix made up for dying from getting hit by a truck because she wasn't paying attention since she was reading Beatrix x Reader fan fiction on her phone while walking.

AAUGH i've been waiting for the reincarnated heroine committing lesbianisms with the rival story and YOU ARE DELIVERING

Same! So I made my own, however, I just recently found out that apparently their is a novel with the same premise (And ironically very similar character designs). Give it a look if you like to support more heroine x villainess content!

ughhh this is so cute i love it

And I love you, random stranger! 

Ahh this was cute and fun and gay!!! I don't know much about otome games but between this and My Next Life as a Villainess: All Routes Lead to Doom! I've come to appreciate them indirectly :3

Thank you! Haha I was worried people who don’t play otome games or read Isekai wouldn’t know the references too much, but I’m still glad that some people still enjoy it even so!

Uh, jeez, I might sound like a idiot here, but I can't seem to find a download button?

Ah no it's there! I am so sorry, I was fixing the game a bit!

Ah, that's no prob, tysm! :D

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I don't usually play this type of game. I like this. I think I need more of this.

If "galgame" refers to dating sims targeted towards a heterosexual male audience, what should this subgenre of visual novel be called? In your game the main character is the one being pursued; it's different from most dating sims. Anyway, it makes me scream out of excitement so it's good stuff. I think 5 years were added to my life.

I admire the two's mental fortitude. I'm way more easy to melt.

[carry scene] me: ohhhhhh the strength!!!

I can't believe I spent an hour on this. Good game.

Technical comment:

I'm surprised that the "Windows" archive works on Linux too. You can mark the download option as compatible with Linux on

The # looking symbol at top left of text box is always there, even if Lily is talking. That feels strange with her character.

The font size is too small for the options and small text (Lily's) in dialog as well. Please at least double the font size of (see below).

The music would stop when I scroll back (w/ mouse whell) the dialog. It seems like the music is triggered by certain lines of dialog only. You may want to fix this.

Typo in the game: "soemthing". Grammar too. I think there are open-source grammar checkers that can be automated.

I have a strange idea: what if you change the music playback speed depending on who is talking? For example, slow the music down by 10% when Beatrix is talking during the first scene.

I actually got lost of who was talking once. The name tag can be color-coded and place on the same side of talking character.

I'm surprised that the splash screen uses OCR-A. How did it get there?

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Yeah! I'm not exactly sure about the programming on it, but when I made the build, it apparently said that it could work for Windows and Linux too! Though I'm not exactly sure how they run differently... Oh but if you have a linux build and are unable to play the game! Please tell me! I'll try adding a separate build that is solely for Linux!

Wow, you replied quickly! I am still playing it and updating my comment accordingly.

Haha no I like this, I am glad you're in a way giving me a little live play

what is that

Oh think of like Pewdiepie or Jackscepticeye! Like they play the game and react as they see it!

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Thank you so much! And yeah I get what you mean, I was worried the font was too small, I didn't unfortunately focus on accessibility of reading in my project and more so on the coding, though that should not be a excuse as everyone should have access to pure yuri content! Additionally, I did notice that too, but I wasn't sure how to fix the music not being stopped by the mouse... Ren'py I admit I am still learning, and although it's a little easier now than it was before some of the things still confuse me.

Additionally, I agree the angry symbol doesn't suit Lily (Unless its directed toward Edvard) I'm not sure if it's possible, but maybe I could make different gui textbox for different characters? Or at least design a better gui so it suits all the character.

ALSO I CAN SLOW DOWN MUSIC!? Ren'py is truly amazing

Thank you so much for the critique though, also the scream lol, for future games, I'll try and be careful about the coding and make sure my games are accessible to all types of people! Please look forward to my next game! I will really focus on making sure these mistakes are not repeated!

ALSO I SAW YOUR FINAL COMMENT!!! AHHH THANK YOU!!! I hope to make more of these type of games!!! Also I get what you mean if anyone romanced me hard like Lily, I probably be a mess lol
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I don't know if you can slow down music in Ren'py. You need to resample the audio sample to keep the pitch the same.

+ I added some more comment

Lol! I thought some might thought the carry as unrealistic, but I had fun drawing it and I'm glad some people got a laugh at it! Also oh my gosh it's an hour??? Should change the gameplay duration thing...And yeah should try color coding too, I've seen Nami color code the text depending on whose talking so I might like to try that next time to make it easier for others. Also what's a splash screen OCR??? I'm sorry

The splash screen uses the font OCR-A.

Thank you for making me almost scream my family awake in the middle of the night. This game was a delight and I enjoyed it a lot!! The art is super cute and I've honestly been addicted to this kind of isekai heroine stuff so I'm glad to see some actual game stuff about it!

Looking forward to seeing more from you !!!

Thank you so much! I've been so overjoyed so many people have enjoyed my game I actually have another project in the works! This time though I plan to make it more interactive so it might take longer, but please follow my twitter for more updates!

Also did you really scream???? Oh my god that makes me so flattered!!!

This was really cute!

Seeing the Prince love interest getting things handed to him was better than any skincare. 

The main couple had real sweet hearthrob moments.

Loved it

oh my gosh!!! Thank you for your sweet words! And yeah, that was my favorite part to write!!! 

Thank you so much for much for enjoying my game! I hope to make more cute games of cute characters! 


Also I basically based the prince off of real life frustrating love interests I played from experience of otome games and what I wanted to say to them.So it was a very fun scene to write! 

i think this was made for me... gay and mean looking characters... yes.. thank you for this!

You and Lily share that love of gay and mean looking characters then! And thank you so much for the comment! This made me smile! I hope this game is enjoyable to you!

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