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aaaaa me gustó mucho<3

it's sooooo cute.

i didnt play it yet, but is this inspired by wataoshi?

I was thinking the same thing! the mc's are very similar. No problem with that though

so freaking cute!!! i love it oughh. lily and beatrix are so precious! the ending 🥺❤

i LOVE lily's little side comments pfft. looks like someone got isekai'd...TRUCK-KUN STRIKES AGAIN

and fr lily, i dont see the appeal of sadistic dominating personalities :/

this is amazing i enjoyed it so much

i played for like 15 minutes but as expected, this is giving very strong vibes of "I'm In Love With The Villainess" but as a visual novel. Not that it's bad or anything though, just that it was the idea I had of it even before playing, and now that I kind of got into it, I simply confirmed it. very cute game though, I like it. 

EU AMEI O JOGO,adorei a história da Beatrix e achei muito engraçado a história da Lily,fiquei muito triste do jogo ser tão curto,gostaria que tivesse mais coisas,tava esperando pelo menos um beijinho kkkkk,Emfim,adorei o jogo,parabéns para quem teve a ideia,quem fez o conceito de arte pelo todo o resto,ficou tudo muito fofinho,obrigada por criat um jogo visual de romance lésbico (que seja normal),eu tava tentando procurar umem todo lugar.

I never liked visual novels but damn I really enjoyed this one. I wish it was a little longer tho

there is a web novel/manga which has this premise exactly

this game was too cute omg

Will there be a steam version?

UGH ITS SO CUTE i cried at the end


Played this a year ago and replayed again recently, I still love it. I would love if it were longer or had a sequel, the characters are just too precious and entertaining.


Was some of this inspired of 'My Next Life As A Villainess' ? The part at the start where Beatrix says 'She managed to win the hearts of 7 guys, including a grand knights son, the prime ministers son and the illegitimate son of a duke' the parts in bold sound like references to nicol and keith (ew) also idk why some of the text has strikethrough on it commenting on here is really annoying cause its so buggy

I remember playing this 2 years ago. Uwa its so cute

10/10 please invite me to their wedding, I love them so much ❤️❤️❤️

This really remind me of the manga  "I favor the villainess" , The storys are really similar in a way  but any way really good game I Personally, really like it!

And just saying truck-kun did it again!

LOL i was going to ask if it was based of of that manga! I really like it ^_^

i was thinking the exact same

i love it!! it was fun to play though i never thought it would end like this. it melted my heart <3

Short but very good, love how Lily put the Prince in his place and the scene of Lily carrying  Beatrix


look like side character is the main character 😂 

This game was so adorable! Just pure fluff and an easy to follow storyline. -///-

New video out

i want to pursue the mean side character video/gameplay

Full ending of I want to pursue the mean side character 

full gameplay

New video out

I want to pursue the mean side character- gameplay/video

i was so excited for the wedding </33

cute! the prince's reactions were priceless 🤭

aaawe it was so gay and so cute!! 10/10 would play againnnnnnn

This was very cute!! I love villainess x heroine stuff and always appreciate more content with it lol (things like "I Favor the Villainess", "My Next Life as  Villainess",  "Please Bully Me, Miss Villainess", if your looking for some good ones ;)) 

Just saying, those mangas are so good!! 

Its really remind me of "I Favor the Villainess" In some ways, I really like your taste in manga I also read those mangas and they are amazing!

by any chance do you know anymore mangas like this ones?

She is pretty cute!

Short, but cute. No actual gameplay, choices, etc, just story.

this game is so sweet and so cute!! I hope it's longer though but it's alr!

People who like this should check out the anime + light novel "My Next Life as a Villaness: All Routes Lead to Doom!", there's very obvious lesbians

There is also a manga with (almost) the exact same idea where the main character reincarnated as the heroin of an otome game but instead of going out with the jerk MLs she obsesses over the Villainess and trys to date her, Forgot the name of it though

Also Catarina is a bi queen without even trying getting every character in the game in love with her just for being herself

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Usually I only play BL games and not the GL ones since I'm more used to BL but I came across this and it seemed super interesting so I tried it out! And damn, I'm addicted now. TIME TO READ GL NOVELS AND PLAY LOTS OF GL GAMES.

Ps: The game was super great, the art style was great, characters were great, and plot were great, ending was good too! Overall a 10/10!

WAAAA THIS GAME IS SO CUTEEE!!! I love the whole idea of it <3

This game is wonderfulllll. I've always wanted some gl isekai and they were so cute, especially the ending too. I love the artstyle and the pastel colors.

AAAAAAAAA I love this!! Despite being short I got the entire context of it and I am in love with Lily's assertive yet loving attitude and Beatrix's misunderstood feelings, goddd I love how Beatrix found hope and how Lily didn't give up on Beatrix, and also the roast, I love it!!

awawawa omg this so cute!!! gay panic wished it had more endings lolol

Thank you so much!!!

i love it !!! btw im not sure if this is a rude question but is this game based off the manga "im in love with the villainess" ? because i see a lot of references to it lmao

Sort of! It's basically based off Heroine x Villainess Tropes in Isekai manga lol It's one of my favorite tropes so I decided to write my own version of it!

cool ^^ !!

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